Blueprints Minnie Mouse         1999 
Blueprints Little Locomotion Jr     2007 
Blueprints Dandy Daffodil        2007 
   Little Kings Junior Justice X Blueprints Dandy Diva
 **SOLD** Congratulations Sharon in Oxford, OH    
She is going to turn him into a "driving machine"!
JSW Rowdy After Dark  X Stocklins Dandys Stormy Daisy
**SOLD**  Congratulations Janet in Jenera OH!!
The one that started it all for me:  C Blondie Boy
(Blueprint MHF reserves the right to change asking prices without prior notice and to add/remove horses from this list.)
Owned by Caldwell Miniatures, Circleville OH
Blueprints Early Buck Jr       2007 
Little Kings Junior Justice X Stocklins Radiant Joy
.Sale Page Last Updated September 13, 2014
Circle M Busters Make Mine Bourbon X Flying W Farms Silver Mouse
   **SOLD**  Congratulations Terri in Hamilton, OH    
Oops! Too late!
We're Sold
Olive Branchs Shooting Star   2003   
Blueprints You Are My Sunshine       1998  
Little Kings Ray of Sun X Blueprints Wild Child
Sunshine has been sold to a young lady as her 4-H project.  Congratulations Allison in Oxford, OH
NHF Blondie Boys Style  1998 mare  AMHA
4Gs USA Mr Kings Rowdy Lover X C Blondie Boys Shine N Style
NHF Buckeroos Fancy Princess  1999 mare AMHA
Stocklins Busters Bay Buckeroo X Cottontails Cherry
Little Kings Buck U Too  X  Brewers Nashville Serenade
Style is a  30.5" Bay mare.  Style and her "sister" Fancy, were broke as a driving team .  I was told that previous owners drove them in the local Christmas Horse Drawn Carriage Parade a couple of times.  I have never had either one harnessed up.  Originally I thought that a couple kids would take each one as a 4-H project.  That never happened.  To me, she looks like a miniature arabian.  She has the most gorgous head with huge soft eyes.  Style is a very sweet, easy to get along with little mare.   I have never been able to get her into foal.  She will cycle, be bred, then cycle again. To my knowledge she has never had a foal.  She and her team-mate Fancy sell together.  Not currently available.  Leased.  
Blueprints Jagermeister        2008 

JSW Rowdys After Dark X Olive Branchs Shooting Star  

Blueprints I'm A Believer         2008 
     JSW Rowdys After Dark X  Marydale's Katie Pooh
SOLD!! Congrats Andrea of Hamilton, OH.  
Thanks for giving little Beave a super home!!!!
Blueprints Barracuda (Cuder)         2008 
JSW Rowdys After Dark X  Blueprints Little Miss Independence

SOLD!  Congratulations Diane Wollter and Centennial Therapeutic Riding Center in Wauseon, OH
This is a sweet little bay mare.  She is 14 years old and stands at  30.5".  She is AMHA registered only.  She and Style, above, have been together for many years and had been broke as a driving team.  It has been several years since they have been hitched.  Fancy has a big, ground covering trot for a little mare.  She is shy around other horses, but loves to be with people.   Fancy is "high in the heels" in the front and regular farrier visits are needed to keep her heels down.   Fancy and Style sell as a team.  Not currently available.
JSW Rowdy After Dark        "Termite"                        
2003  31.25" black with a star and snip

Sire: Grosshills EK Creations Rowdy Lover
             (AMHA National Grand Ch. Senior Stallion)
Dam: Little Kings Buckeroos Elegant Miss
         (AMHA National Res. Ch Ama Mare)

This young stallion has 7 different AMHA National Champion horses in his pedigree. He has proven himself over and over with tiny, correct, and friendly foals. Termite, as he is affectionately known, is very easy to get along with.  He has good manners and he is safe to be around.  He passes his laid back, friendly personality on to his foals. 

JSW Redi for Romance    (Romeo)
2006 AMHA 32" Silver Smokey Black

Sire: First Knights Redi or Not
             (Multi AMHA World Grand and Reserve Champion)
Dam: Little Kings Russian Romance
         (sired by Little Kings White Russian)

What to say about the "First Knights Bit O Hot Shot" line.  He is a multi National champion and his son, First Knights Redi or Not is also a multi World and National Champion.  They both have sired several World champions, including the 2008  AMHA World Grand Champion of Champions, JSW Redis Imperial Showkayce.  Romeo is paternal brother to Showkayce and has "that look" that Redi Or Not stamps on all his offspring. Romeo is registered "gray",but he was DNA color tested and found to be heterozygous black, heterozygous silver, and a heterozygous cream. He does not carry agouti.  Romeo has sired several foals and they have been striking.    He is offered to an approved home only.  Please contact Blueprint Minis if you might be interested in Romeo.

Congratulations Lisa in Williamsport PA. 
I know Early will be everything you were looking for.
Congratulations Lori of Wooster, OH.  
I know you and Dozer are going to love Sweetie.  
2014 Foals Also Available
   See "Babies" Page or click HERE
Blueprints Buck Jasmine Jr.     2009
  Little Kings Junior Justice X Blueprints Mia Louisa
Sold to Jim Wright, Richwood, KY
Blueprints Buck Debonaire Jr.      2009
Little Kings Junior Justice X Stocklins Radiant Joy
Sold to Jim Wright, Richwood, KY
Blueprints Incognito Buck Jr.      2009
Little Kings Junior Justice X COH Cricket
    SOLD to Jim Wright, Richwood, KY
Blueprints Dandy Sweet Chickory Jr.  2009
Little Kings Junior Justice X Blueprints Dandy Diva
 SOLD!  Congratulations Lindsey, Louisville, KY
Misty Rose Black Magic  (Kobe)      2009
  Misty Rose Rebels Last Stand X Misty Rose Irish Magic

SOLD! Congrats Gary, Jimmy, Chloe, Karlie, and Izzy.  I know Kobe will be your new best friend.
Blueprints Lady Hawk  2002 AMHA/AMHR
Blueprints Chief Tommy Hawk X Blueprints You Are My Sunshine
Sissy is gorgeous!  And she is sweet! She was shown extensively both at breed shows and as a 4-H proect.  She loves kids and loves to be handled and loved on.  She was "retired" from showing and many attempts were made for her to become a mommy.  All unsuccessful.  She is just standing out back with the mares and foals.  This is a shame.  Somebody, somewhere could be having a lot of fun with Sissy, and she would love having someone to please.  If you are looking to get started showing minis at mini shows or even at your local show grounds, you need to consider Sissy.  News Flash:  Sissy has gone to live at the Noah's Arc Sanctuary in Trotwood OH.  Please click here to check them out.  
  2009 Perlino Gelding  No Papers
 SOLD!  Congrats Gloria      Farmersville, OH
Blueprints Dandy Diva        2001
Blueprints Chief Tommy Hawk X Stocklins Dandys Stormy 

SOLD:  Congrats Maureen, Sidney, OH
Blueprints Honey Buck and Blue Jr.   2008
Little Kings Junior Justice X Blueprints Little Blue Rosebud

Sold: Congrats Chloe, Blue Ash, OH
Photo courtesy of Adawn Caswell
Blueprints Little Bluebelle    2008    AMHA
JSW Rowdy After Dark  X Blueprints Little Blue Rosebud
Oh, how excited we were to see this little filly enter the world.  Bella was born June 23, 2006, the first foal for Blueprint's Little Blue Rosebud.  Her sire is by Grosshill EK Creations Rowdy Lover, a 27.5" black pinto AMHA National Champion Senior Stallion, out of Little Kings Buckeroos Elegant Miss, a palomino National reserve halter mare and a Buckeroo daughter. Bella is tiny, compact, with a gorgeous dished head and wide blaze.  She has a definite "look at me" attitude and should be successful as a senior show mare.  Bella has her permanent AMHA papers and is 29.25" tall.   If you are looking for a TINY correct mini, you have found her.   Bella is currently on loan.

Blueprints Little Miss Independence
Blueprints Chief Tommy Hawk X Stocklins Radiant Joy
2005       AMHA/AMHR

Indy is a doll of a mare.   She has been handled extensively and has been shown by numerous "beginners" at local shows and in 4-H.   Indy loves to be handled and loved on.  Additionally, Indy is a very good mom.  She has had 3 foals in her life.  She was not bred for 2013.  Indy has no bad habits and is very easy to get along with.  She would be an excellent choice for a youth or beginner.   $750
Manipulators Touch Gold X Lucky Four Smokes Sahara
    by AMHA National Ch. NFCs Manipulator
Rogers HSR Manipulators Oasis  2005 AMHA
She may be a little plain, and she may be solid sorrel, but she is long legged without being overly tall, and she is just the right color for producing those golden palominos when bred to a double dilute.  Saw her at a sale when she was just a yearling and knew she had to become part of the Blueprint crew.  She is known as Lucy around here because of her bright red hair.  Lucy delivered her first foal, a cute palomino colt, May 2009.  Lucy gave us a "cookie cutter repeat, full brother in June  2011. Then early May 2013 she gave us a palomino filly by Justice.  Lucy is only $800
For Sale
Due to health problems, old age, and just plain laziness, Blueprint Minis MUST downsize.  Please check out Mares, Stallions, and Babies pages to see everything currently available.  If you see something you like please email or call.